Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wiggles top Kidman on Aussie rich list

SYDNEY -- Four men who dress in brightly colored jumpsuits and are best known to preschoolers, the Wiggles, earn more each year than either Nicole Kidman or Russell Crowe, according to a survey of Australia's top 50 entertainers released Wednesday by Business Review Weekly.The Wiggles made an estimated AUS$45 million ($34.4 million) in 2004. Joining them in the top 10 were fellow children's entertainers Hi-5, who claimed the sixth spot with AUS$15 million ($11.5 million). Despite these results, Australian actors dominated the top 10 list. Nicole Kidman came in second place with earnings of AUS$40 million ($30.6 million), ahead of Russell Crowe in third, with AUS$27 million ($20.6 million).Close behind was "The Ring Two" and "King Kong" star Naomi Watts, with AUS$17 million ($13 million), in fifth place. Cate Blanchett and Hugh Jackman tied for seventh place with AUS$13 million ($9.9 million) apiece, ahead of Heath Ledger in ninth with AUS$12 million ($9.2 million). Rock 'n' roll stalwarts AC/DC continue to rake in the cash more than three decades after their formation. The band made AUS$18 million ($13.8 million) last year, placing them fourth on the list. Fellow musicians Powderfinger rounded out the top 10, earning $10.5 million ($8 million) in 2004. According to BRW, Australians spend more money on entertainment each year than they do on food, affording Australia's top 50 Australian entertainers an average gross income of about AUS$5.5 million ($4.2 million).Source:
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